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Pastors Todd & Stephanie

We’re only in the opening chapters of our story and we can already tell that it has the makings of an epic adventure.  There are a few characters that have already been introduced but this is an always-growing cast of unique, flawed, diverse and imperfect, yet genuine people.


The first person introduced in our story is Todd, who is now our lead pastor.  In late 2014, he felt an unwelcome sense that something in his idyllic life was about to change.  He and his wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Anna and Ezra (our next characters), had an established life and fulfilling ministry at City Life Church in Chilliwack, where they had served over the years as pastors overseeing youth, young adults, city outreach and small groups.  They had always assumed that Chilliwack would be their forever home but, after much prayer and long conversations, they could not shake the burden to plant a new church.  With the blessing, encouragement and support of their home church, they moved to Vancouver in the summer of 2016 to start City Life Church Vancouver.  Since that time, they’ve connected with others who share their same burden: to see every person in Vancouver discover just how amazing life can be once they’ve experienced the extravagant, unconditional love of Jesus.

Differences: Todd loves coffee and Stephanie loves tea.  Todd is loud and Stephanie is quiet.  Todd has brothers and Stephanie has a sister.  Similarities: They love Anna and Ezra, their kids, a lot. They have a goal to never eat in the same restaurant twice (unless it’s just that good).  They love people, believe that every person has value and that Jesus’ love makes life the best, most amazing journey ever.


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